Welcome to the Insignia Motor Yachting web site, the hub for Insignia’s activity.

Insignia is an online media product addressing the motor yacht sector, and in the coming months will bring you news, reviews, event reports, features and profiles from what we are classifying as the 10-100 sector from the motor boating industry. What does that mean? Well, it means that we will be covering the market for motor yachts in the 10 to 100 metre range.

Does this seem too broad? We think not. After all, the person who buys Sunseeker’s Portofino 48 may well consider chartering – and maybe owning – a superyacht. And this is an important point. Insignia’s goal is to focus on the owner’s perspective – what is the owner looking for in a boat? What are his or her experiences with the boats they have chosen? How has the chartering experience worked out – as either a customer or a chartering owner? Which ports or marinas provide the best facilities? What is the best way to finance a 10-100 purchase?

We will also take a broad view, and, although we hesitate to use the word ‘lifestyle’, Insignia will take some time to review products and services that will be of interest to the 10-100 owner.

There will be three main components; Insignia Motor Yachting magazine, which will be distributed by email on a monthly basis; this web site; our web video programme. All three of these will be interlinked, with features in the magazine providing links to video content on the web site.

Insignia Motor Yachting comes to you from Click Information Terminology Ltd, which has successfully published web media products for more than 12 years, primarily in the technology sector.

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