Life ashore!

Life Ashore feature: Supercar or classic to accompany your superyacht?

Most owners of a luxury, high-glamour motor yacht will have an exotic car to go with it. After all, everyone needs classy transport to travel from the quayside to that Michelin starred restaurant. Many will choose a straight out of the showroom supercar. But, wait a minute….. Perhaps there is an even more glamorous, more […]

Need 500 metres of chain? Or a fishing net?

Insignia has reported on the helpful guys at the chandlery on Fiskardo harbour. Makis (above, with his latest intern) and Kostas will not only supply all your boating needs, but they will also tell you everything that is going on on Cephalonia. We revisited them this year, and found their resource as useful as ever. […]

Life ashore: the Zagato Aston Martins

It is highly likely that the owner of an expensive motor yacht such as a Sunseeker, Princess, Nordhavn or Ocean Atlantic may well have a collection of fine cars too. For many years, Aston Martin has been an exclusive and glamorous option. But what do you do if an Aston Martin is not exclusive enough? […]

Places to go: Fiskardo Chandlery, a handy stop in Kefalonia

Looking for a great stopover in the Ionian Islands of Greece? Then visit Fiskardo on Kephalonia. The Fiskardo Chandlery will supply all of your motor yachting needs.

So, what is boatgating?

If you travel to the USA, you may have heard of tailgating. That’s when people have a party out of the back of their truck or car before a football, basketball, baseball or pretty much any sporting event. But boatgating? What’s that all about? Insignia was the guest of Mike Foley, an executive at the […]

Lotus Evora review

As wonderful as life on board may be, there are times when you just have to step back on dry land. And at times like this, sir, or madam, needs a suitable conveyance. In that same way that we will entertain and inform with video features presenting interesting, exciting and perhaps just new boats, Insignia […]

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