Sailing vs. motor boating – the debate rages on!


Sailing vs. motor boating – the debate rages on!

Since the first outboard engine came into existence, the battle between power boaters and sailors has escalated to the point where you really are firmly based in one of the two camps. Whilst there are a minority that claim to have mastered the respect needed to be associated with both forms of boating, many still hold the traditional belief that one is better than the other. With that in mind, why does there seem to be such a significant parting in the waves when it comes down to the opinions that power boaters and sailors have for each other?

The truth is that neither party seems to share a particularly pleasant view of the other, with power boaters referring to sailors as wind cowboys who take the wind for granted as it’s a free source of energy, whilst sailors see their power boating companions as having a lack of respect for other boaters with their loud and expensive engines. On that note, if you’re planning on taking up boating, you simply need to ignore the squabbling debate that is set before you and simply purchase or charter the boat that suits either long or short haul boating. If you charter a boat from one of the numerous charter companies such as Island Charters, you need to know what form of boating suits you best before heading out to sea. Those lucky enough to still be deciding between the two boating clans may benefit from the following pros and cons surrounding sailboats and motorboats before getting in touch with a company such as Island Charters
First off, sailboats are not entirely fuel dependent and usually require manual labour to get moving, which can have a beneficial impact on your finances. What’s more, sailboats are generally considered more cost effective the further you travel. If you’re passionate about the environment then sailboats could be ideal as they don’t burn as much fuel as a motorboat. Sail boating is ideal for anyone who is regarded as the adventurous type. You are free to roam the vast ocean surroundings thanks to an unlimited source of wind power, bringing you closer to the natural aspects of boating.

Of course, you are going to need a source of wind to travel any great distance in a sailboat, so journeying across the sea is never going to be easy. It can be very physically demanding and particularly time consuming. We also mentioned that sailboats were cost effective, which is true up until you have to start maintaining the sails on your boat. You may also feel restricted with less space on a sailboat, whilst the deeper draft gives you less opportunity to sail in shallow waters.

Powerboats are comfortable thanks to their elevated level from the surface of the water and they are less physically demanding than sailboats. The speed of a motorboat easily eclipses that of a sailboat, making it ideal for those looking for a rush of fast adrenaline. There’s no real need to plan ahead for a quick journey as you won’t need to rely on wind speed to get somewhere on time. Fishing is also much easier in a motorboat thanks to the addition of trawling.

Motorboats are loud, so they can irritate other boaters and be a key element of noise pollution. They are particularly expensive to both handle and maintain, with two engines on board and fuel being quite expensive. What’s more, you need fuel to go anywhere meaning you can just jump in to a motorboat and get going whenever you feel like it, despite the easier ride. Powerboats may be more comfortable but they struggle against the wind due to a higher centre of gravity.

Overall, it seems that both sail boaters and motor boaters have more than enough reasons to cherish their dedicated form of boating. Whilst the war may continue to rage on between both parties, there’s no doubt that the continued debate will spark new interest and inspire younger boaters to make their own minds up about what makes a perfect outing on the open seas.

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